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Hardwick Mountain Property Owners Association
Annual Meeting

July 28, 2013

Annual Meeting of the HMPOA, held at the home of Carl and Tracy Prober at 6:30 pm. Meeting brought to order by Kai Dozier.  The treasurer's report was given. Balance was $11,057.35, plus a check for $264.00 presented at the meeting.

Barbara Dulaney agreed to be Treasure next year if elected to the board, and will work with Mark Silling for taking over the task.

Kai gave a road report, HMPOA has agreed to let C&G paving to finish up the paving of Hardwick Mt drive this fall. $13,000 will be paid with $2000.00 being paid in Dec when dues are collected again. The asphalt should give us years of good service, the section that will be paved was last done 13 years ago.

Kai talked about the Firewise Program. The fire escape route was worked out with Mr. Mullins, who agreed to allow us to use his road if needed to, and also he can use our roads in the event of a fire to get to safety. A committee was formed to work with this program.

Discussion was brought up about single family dwellings. Multiple family dwellings are against the covenants. Tthe question has come up if you can rent part of your home out to others. Susan Jamme’ supported the renting out to only family members. Larry Clark said the current zoning laws should restrict the renting out of multifamily units. No actions were to be taken at this time but the board will seek legal advice on the subject.

Wit Harrell had expressed concern about the speed of cars. The safety of those walking the roads is a concern. Not much can be done, but signs to be moved around were suggested. Also place the concern in new letters.

Concern was brought up by Steve Hovanic about turning onto Rt. 20. It was suggested that drivers look and be careful turning onto Rt. 20 in the passing zone, making sure no one is passing at the time of making a right turn. Also, when turning left onto Hardwick Mountain Drive, watch and make sure no one is passing you as you are turning.

Kai brought up that Jeff Mullins son Jeff is available to cut grass if needed.

Ballots were counted: Kai Dozier, Barbara Dulaney, Steve Hovanic, Steve Harper and Carl Prober are the new board members for the year 2013-2014.

Meeting adjourned.

Click here for a downloadable Word document: HMPOA Annual Meeting: July 28, 2013

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