Hardwick Mountain Owners Association

Barboursville, Virginia

Hardwick Mountain Property Owners Association


The association by-laws require an annual assessment to be paid by the owner of each lot a full assessment for the first lot owned (and any other improved lots), and an amount equal to half that for a second and subsequent unimproved lots owned. Annual assessments are due in two equal semi-annual installments on the last days of June and December of each year.

The 2012 assessment is $351.38 for the first lot owned, and $175.70 for each additional unimproved lot owned by one person or family.

Assessments are to be used for road maintenance and administrative costs. On average each year we pay around $350 (2.9%) for admin costs (insurance, taxes, state fees and postage); $800 for road maintenance (plowing snow, patching, gravel for road edges); and the balance for road re-surfacing. So more than 97% of the assessments goes directly to road care.

The board of directors can increase the assessment 10% a year in order to maintain the roads. Any increase over 10% in a given year requires approval by a majority at a duly called meeting of the owners. The By-Laws also provide for a special assessment for capital improvements (this provision has never been used).

See “Roads” tab, section D, for a description of how the money raised by assessments has been used to continually maintain and upgrade the 1.2 miles of roads over the years.

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