Hardwick Mountain Owners Association

Barboursville, Virginia

Hardwick Mountain Property Owners Association
Annual Meeting

June 15, 2017

Annual Meeting held 06/15/17 at 6:30 P.M. at the Barboursville Community Park Picnic Shelter

Kai Dozier, President, opened the meeting with a welcome as well as a brief outline of the meeting’s agenda.

1.) Treasurer’s Report: Jeremy Cole, Treasurer, presented the Treasurer’s report that showed a checking account balance as of 06/14/17 of $29,047.46 Jeremy noted that if all current assessments are paid on time, the projected balance as of 07/01/17 would be $36,308.96.

Jeremy announced that due to parenting and family responsibilities he was resigning from serving as Treasurer, as well as serving on the Board. He will continue to receive assessments and serve through the end of the current assessment period, i.e., 06/30/17. Those at the meeting thanked Jeremy for his generous service for the past two years.

2.) President’s Summary:

a.)  Firewise Community Update:  Kai noted that the cost of debris and brush chipping that was just concluded will be covered by a grant of $5,000 from the Virginia Department of Forestry. Including this latest grant, HMPOA has been the recipient of $25,000 in grant money to make fire safety improvements within the development (fuel mitigation, on-site water storage, and emergency vehicle access). It appears, however, that due to Department of Forestry budget constraints and manpower reallocation there will be no grant money available in future years.

b.) Entrance Sign Refurbishing: Kai thanked Carl Prober for his willingness to tackle the task of refinishing the entrance sign, which had faded considerably over the years. All were in agreement that Carl’s efforts have brought the sign back to a “like new” condition; it once again presents a pleasing entrance to Hardwick Mountain.

c.) NO EXIT MINIMAL TURNAROUND Sign for Chestnut Lane: Kai reported that the sign has been installed for several months.

d.) Roadside Gravel Replenishment: Kai noted that this project has yet to be completed. Marc Cole recommended that it be postponed until the September/October timeframe because of the upcoming hot weather as well as residents’ busy schedules in the summer. All at the meeting felt that this was a wise idea.

e.) Recent Property Changes and Transitions: Kai noted the following:

O’Neill property (lot 6): new owners (Justin and Melinda Palcic)
Pittman property (lot 1): renter has moved (assume it will be re-rented)
Mundy property (lot 17): under contract for sale (buyer unknown; closing to be in late July)

3.) Miscellaneous New Business: Other new business items discussed were as follows:

a.) Gunfire Affecting Hardwick Mountain: Carl Prober and Steve Harper commented upon rifle fire live rounds hitting the trees on their respective properties. Both made contact with the individual who had been shooting (property abuts Hardwick Mountain), and expressed their concern. Although the individual was apologetic and courteous, the stray rounds did not cease after the first discussion with him. All members present (some of whom were unaware of these occurrences) were in agreement that such dangerous activity must not be allowed to continue. Kai will contact an attorney, as well as a member of the Orange County Planning Commission, to determine what legal recourse HMPOA has in this situation. Marc Cole will likewise contact the Orange County Sheriff’s Department for an opinion, as well. Because of the urgent and potentially dangerous nature of these recent events, Kai urged that everyone be kept informed of any new developments. 

4.) Board Membership Election Results: Susan Jammé announced the results of voting for Board membership for the upcoming year as follows: Jeremy Cole, Kai Dozier, Mark Hogan, Steve Hovanic, Susan Jammé, Carl Prober. Since ballots had already been cast before Jeremy’s announcement, all existing Board members with the exception of him will continue to serve. Kai noted that the By-Laws specify only that a minimum of five members serve on the Board. It is unclear at present whether Treasurer responsibilities going forward will be handled by one of the existing five Board members, an outside bookkeeping/accounting firm, or a sixth Board member be added to serve in lieu of Jeremy.

 As there was no further business, the meeting was adjourned. A time of dessert refreshments followed.    

Respectfully submitted,

Steve Hovanic, Secretary

Click here for a downloadable Word document: HMPOA Annual Meeting: June 15, 2017

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