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Requirements for

Plan and Construction Approval

If you are new to Hardwick Mountain, welcome. We are very proud of our neighborhood. If you are considering building here, the following will help you understand our expectations and requirements.

Some general requirements are included in the Association's Articles of Incorporation and Restrictive Covenants. The following detail supplements requirements found in those documents.

  1. The approval process.
    1. Prior to excavation or clearing in preparation for any new construction or major alteration to the exterior of any building on Hardwick Mountain Subdivision, plans must be approved by the Association’s Board of Directors. A complete set of plans (see B1) must be submitted to the Board. Plans must also be approved for any accessory buildings prior to building (or delivery, in the case of prefabricated sheds).
    2. Members of the Board will review plans, visit site and review intended location, and discuss any questions with owner prior to approval. The Board has 30 days to review and approve, reject or request modifications to submitted plans. It is the owner’s responsibility to submit plans far enough in advance of intended construction to allow for Board review and potential clarification and/or modification.
    3. Once a plan is approved, the building must conform to that plan. Any intended deviation from the plan must be approved in advance by the Board.
    4. Construction should be completed within one year from commencement. At completion of construction, owner must contact the Board for a final review of construction appearance to confirm adherence to approved plans.

  1. Specific Requirements
    1. A full set of plans must be submitted to the Board; plans should include all elevations, outside dimensions, roof lines, any decks and railings, and estimated completion date. Plan submitted will be retained by Board until final approval (A4 above).
    2. Any new dwelling must have a minimum of 1500 square feet of finished space.
    3. Roof pitch should be no less than 4 1/2”/foot.
    4. Exterior siding must be specified (e.g., cedar, brick, stone), and color schemes (siding and trim) included. Natural earth tones are recommended. No building may have cinder block exposed above foundation, and any exposed cinder block must be painted. Garage or other accessory building(s) must conform in appearance and material with any dwelling on the lot.
    5. Sketch of lot drawn to scale, showing placement of house, accessory building(s), drain field, well, driveway placement and setbacks minimum of 60 feet from roadway right of way and 20 feet from side lines is to be included with plans.
    6. Stakes must be placed on lot to designate corners of the planned building(s).
    7. Culverts (minimum 18” in diameter) must be used under all driveways at point where they connect to subdivision road.
    8. Any open areas under dwelling or accessory buildings must be enclosed with screening material such as lattice.
    9. Any fences visible from road or other lots (during winter) must conform to style of buildings. No chain link fences will be permitted.

Additional positions by HMPOA Board of Directors

Roadway upgrades
Any owner desiring to upgrade a road (including clearing for one where none exists) on a right of way owned by the Association may do so at his/her own expense. After upgrade is made, the Association will assume responsibility for maintaining the roadway as part of the Subdivision system. Driveways on lots are the sole responsibility of lot owners.

Subdividing lots
The Board has taken the position that no lots within the subdivision can be further subdivided.

Roadside, ditches and culverts
It is the responsibility of each lot owner to keep any culverts under roadways onto his/her property clear and open as much as reasonably possible; to keep ditches likewise clear so that water is not forced out onto the road or edge of road; and to keep the roadside clean and cut so as to maintain a neat appearance and so ditches are not blocked by roots.

It is the responsibility of each lot owner to maintain the area where driveways connect with Association roads, such that there is a smooth transition (i.e., not a drop-off, which leads to damage to the Association road).

Any Association roads damaged by construction vehicles, or by improper use by an owner, will result in the owner being responsible for repair costs.

Some wells on Hardwick Mountain were dry when dug. We strongly recommend ensuring you have a good well before beginning construction.

Adopted Oct 2000; modified Oct 2001

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