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Barboursville, Virginia

Hardwick Mountain Property Owners Association

Minutes of Board Meeting held on 05/06/16 at 6:30 P.M. at the former Montagna residence

Present:  Jeremy Cole, Kai Dozier, Mark Hogan, Steve Hovanic, Susan Jammé, Carl Prober

Business Items:

1.) Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer Jeremy Cole reported that the Association checking account balance as of 05/06/16 was $16,235.00. He also noted that there is only one property owner who has not yet paid their current assessment. He intends to contact that individual to establish a payment timetable.

2.) Stumps at Turkey Ridge Turnaround: There has been a complaint/comment made by a property owner regarding the disposition of the stumps that remained after the completion of the turnaround. Since the stumps are piled and somewhat compacted in a small gully on the Association common property (“the park”), the resident is concerned that the stumps may interfere with water flow during wet periods, causing water to back up and possibly cut new erosive channels; the visual impact and aesthetics seemed to be of a lesser concern.  Carl Prober also expressed his concern that leaving the stumps where they are might be in violation of the Restrictive Covenants (which specify that all properties shall be maintained “to prevent and eliminate any accumulation of any garbage, rubbish, or debris on the premises”) and might result in a blatant flouting of the Covenants by some property owner who could cite the appearance of the debris pile near the turnaround as an excuse to do the same on his or her property.

Several options were discussed to resolve this matter:

Realistically speaking, however, the options are more limited than noted above:

After a considerable time of discussion, a motion was made by Susan and seconded by Steve to obtain a firm price from Carlyle Weaver to remove the stumps and also to speak with the property owner who made the original complaint for their input and preference of monitoring vs. removing. The motion carried unanimously. The Board will reconsider its options once this additional information has been gathered.

3.) Annual Meeting: It was decided to hold 2016’s Annual Meeting at the Barboursville Community Park on Thursday, June 16 at 6:00 P.M., with dessert to follow after the business session.  Property owners will be advised of the time and asked to bring a dessert of their choice.

4.) Shared Ditch Cleaning/Leaf Removal: Kai was approached by property owner “A” regarding a situation in which  leaves and ditch debris from the adjacent property owner “B“ were clogging the ditch of property owner “A” . Property owner “A” requested that this matter be brought to the Board’s attention. (In the past these property owners shared the ditch cleaning responsibility, but some other situations have made such cooperation at present unlikely). The Board declined to take any action on this matter, feeling that items of this nature are not the Board’s responsibility, nor would it be wise to begin trying to micromanage such small details of neighbor-to-neighbor relations. Kai will inform property owner “A” of the Board’s position.

5.) Roadside Gravel: Marc Cole had previously recommended to Kai that more gravel be added to the roadsides in areas where it has been eroded away or displaced from the edges by large vehicle tires. It was agreed, after some discussion, that Susan would ask Marc if he would be willing to head up/organize this project (i.e., select a work day, determine what areas need gravel and where the staging areas should be, secure commitments from residents with equipment for spreading, etc.). Susan will report back to the Board after her meeting with Marc.

6.) Chestnut Lane Turnaround: Bryan Lovetere had previously contacted Kai about the possibility of putting a turnaround at the end of Chestnut Lane near his entrance.  Bryan noted that there are quite a few vehicles that use his driveway as a turnaround, and he feels that eventually his fence and entrance area will be damaged. At this point, the Board realizes that nothing can be undertaken until the property line(s) are known more accurately. Kai will contact Bryan and set up a meeting (time to be announced) with anyone else who may want to join in to see if any of the survey pins can be located. Boundaries for the Lovetere property, the Association right-of-way, and the Memery property all need to be determined, or at least approximated before proceeding further.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Steve Hovanic, Secretary


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