Hardwick Mountain Owners Association

Barboursville, Virginia

Hardwick Mountain Property Owners Association
Annual Meeting

June 24, 2007

A. Introductions
B. Ballots – Homeowners who were present were offered the opportunity to change their ballots if they voted for Bryan Lovetere who no longer wants to serve on the board. Mark Hogan and Steve Hovanic offered to serve on the board if elected.
C.  Reading of minutes from last years’ meeting on June 11, 2006
D. Homeowners present: Mr. & Mrs.  Montagna, Sandy Hanley, Mr. & Mrs.  Clark, Mr. & Mrs. Berry, Steve Hovanic, Susan Jamme`, Mr. & Mrs. Dulaney, Mr. & Mrs. Hogan, Whit Harrell, Mrs. Mundy, Kai Dozier, Jan Spiers
E. Larry Clark went over the treasurer’s report in detail (copy attached). A copy was emailed to each lot owner. Ms. Mundy questioned why someone who paid the assessment in advance still would have to pay the 10% increase. Kai summarized expenses for the past 12 months: $38,092 was paid for road re-surfacing, $450 for snow removal, and $339.20 for all other (administrative) expenses - $43.70 for fees and taxes, $45.50 for mailbox and stamps, $250 for liability insurance. Ms. Mundy questioned why we can’t use a box at the bottom of the mountain to mail the assessments. Kai has checked with the Postal Service and we need to have a “physical address”; the Postal Service cannot by law deliver to a roadside box for which there is not a building present.

F. Roads and Assessments

G. Board of Director’s future plans for July 2009

What it would take to turn road over to VDOT
1. We will have to deed a 50’ right of way to them. Lawyers we’ve asked about this in the past have disagreed on whether this would take 2/3 or 100% of property owners’ approval. There would also need to be a 100’ diameter turnaround near Berry’s, Harper’s, and Cole’s lots. One or more of these lot owners would most likely have to give up some of their property to make this possible which may make their lots less than the required 3 acres according to the Restrictive Covenants. If Hardwick Mtn. Drive is deeded to VDOT it would make it a public access right of way from the gate to the turnaround. According to VDOT, all the culverts would need to be dug up and replaced with larger ones and drainage easements would have to be put in place.
2. VDOT would have to agree to this transfer.
3. Orange County government would have to agree to allocate enough of the Rural Addition funds (part of the money allocated for roads by the state). The local government, VDOT, and board of supervisors would have to agree.

H. Kai suggested we form a 3 or 4 person committee to gather information and to inform everyone what letting VDOT take over Hardwick Mtn. Drive will entail. He said we would have about a two year window before we would have to do anything to our roads.
I. Sandy Hanley shared concerns about the Board of Directors making decision without informing the homeowners and suggests that homeowners be informed of the time and date of meetings so they can attend. She said that some board members may not know about some of the correspondence that is mailed to lot owners and suggests that each board member sign his/her name to any such correspondence rather than the “Board of Directors”. She also suggested that homeowners be informed of resigning board members so they can vote to replace openings rather than having the Board appoint replacements. (Our by-laws state that it is up to the board to select replacements for board members who resign during their term.)
J. Copies of the Bylaws and Restrictive Covenants are available to anyone who wants a copy. Contact any board member for a copy.
K. Immediate Tasks:

L. Comments

M. Next year’s board members will be: Denise Yetzer, Steve Hovanic, Steve Harper, Larry Clark, and Kai Dozier.

Thanks to Mark Hogan for his help in recording the minutes.

Click here for a downloadable Word document: HMPOA Annual Meeting: June 24, 2007

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