Hardwick Mountain Owners Association

Barboursville, Virginia

Hardwick Mountain Property Owners Association
Annual Meeting

June 14, 2009

Annual meeting started at 2 p.m. Meeting open by Kai Dozier, 21 in attendance. Floor was opened for introductions to all in attendance.

Treasurer’s report was given by Larry Clark. As of 6/4/08 there was a balance of $17,082.92. As of 06/09/09 there was a balance of $26,039.84. The association also had about $900 owed in back payments that have not been paid yet. Kai reported that the board is in discussion with two lot owners that are behind. Larry Clark announced he will not continue on as treasurer, due to personal reasons and time issues. All members present thanked him for his time and service to the association.

The road report was given by Kai Dozier. The association contracted with C&G Paving to conduct paving repairs and resurface the front side. Paving is to start at the 500 foot mark from the gate to the 1500 foot mark just at the top of the front side hill. Due to the funds that are available this area seemed the most in need of resurfacing. And some areas along the Hardwick Drive will be repaired along the edges.

Topic of the letter sent by Mr. Slayton to most, if not all members of the association was brought up . Since this was a letter from Mr. Slayton to each owner and not the association as a whole, it was decided that the board would not respond to this letter. Kai gave a little history of this letter and possible reasons it was sent. Kai cited a couple of things such as the lock that was mentioned and corrected some facts that were stated in the letter. Charmaine Hogan brought up the question regarding the letter and reasons it was sent, she wanted to know, if the board had sent a letter to Mr. Slayton signed by the Association or signed by the Board. Kai responded that any letters sent out are signed by the Board. But in this case no letter was sent to Mr. Slayton. The board has had no recent contact with Mr. Slayton regarding the association. It is believed that his letter was sent out due to his relationship with the Berry’s which the board has had contact with.

Denise Yetzer brought up a concern about the pile of debris on the right way that is being piled by Mr. and Mrs. Berry. The Berry’s seem to feel the need to block the little corner of their lot to prevent people crossing. However the logs, rocks and brush are on the deeded right of way of Hardwick Mountain. This area is not being used but is very unsightly. Kai Dozier Mentioned the Berry’s having received a letter to remove it but have not complied. Next board meeting the issue will be worked on.

Orange County Sheriff’s office came by to present information regarding the Citizen’s police Academy. A flyer was handed out to members that had any interest in this 9-week program which includes ride along. If enough interest is shown a class could be done at the fire house.

Hardwick Mountain web site was announced by Kai Dozier. www.hardwickmountain.org.  Kai described the contents and stated that the roster is listed but pass-code protected.

Floor was open for new topics. Questions came up about a work party to clean up and trim trees. Kai stated no date has been set but one could be done if we get any interest.

Barbara Delaney covered the Magazine Box at the mail boxes and explained the process for those that want to share a magazine with their neighbors.

The results of the election of board members were announced. The new board will be Kai Dozier, Barbara Dulaney, Steve Harper, Steve Hovanic, and Denise Yetzer.

Meeting was adjourned by Kai Dozier and food was served.

Respectively submitted,

Steve Harper

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