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Hardwick Mountain Property Owners Association
Annual Meeting

June, 12, 2014

Annual Meeting of the HMPOA, held at the home of Carl and Tracy Prober. Steve Harper, Vice-President (presiding in Kai Dozier’s absence), opened the meeting with a greeting to all in attendance.

1.) Treasurer’s Report: Barbara Dulaney, Treasurer, presented the Treasurer’s Report, showing a checking account balance as of the meeting of $2771.78. Barbara also noted that the checking account has been changed from a Personal Account to a Business Account.

2.) President’s Summary/ Business Items:

a.) Roads: Steve reported that all roads in the development have now been asphalted, with crusher run stone having been added recently on Hardwick Mountain Drive to protect the road’s edges. Since there are currently no major expenditures under consideration, there are no plans to raise assessments in the foreseeable future.

b.) Snow Removal: Steve mentioned that the Association has a good working relationship with Mr. Lawson, and although his price per visit isn’t inexpensive, he always comes quickly when called and does a thorough job. There was agreement among those present to continue using Mr. Lawson for snow removal.

c.) Dumpster: A suggestion was made by Charlie Dulaney to consider engaging a trash pickup service, with a dumpster to be located in a suitable location within the development. There was a general opposition to the suggestion (with a motion by Susan Jamme to proceed no further, seconded by Carl Prober), although no vote was taken.

d.) Board Membership, Etc.: Steve mentioned that if anyone is seeking to serve on the Board to voice their desire before the vote is taken; he encouraged those who have never served to consider doing so, as there is always a need for fresh input and “new blood”, so to speak. He also noted that the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia require that non-profit corporations, such as The Hardwick Mountain Property Owners’ Association, maintain a duly-elected Board and conduct at least one general membership meeting annually. Regarding the Treasurer’s position specifically, Steve acknowledged Barbara’s faithful service, noting that the position requires someone willing to devote a fair amount of time to it. He also mentioned that the Board had recently considered having some of the workload outsourced (primarily mailing of assessment letters and follow-up letters, if necessary) to ease the burden on whomever is Treasurer. The $1200 annual fee that was quoted was considered excessive, however, and therefore the decision was made to continue handling Association finances in the present manner.  

e.) Trespassers: There was general discussion regarding trespassers (walkers, horseback riders, “cruisers” in cars, those retrieving stray hunting dogs, etc.). All agreed that there is a potential liability issue if an accident of some sort occurs, but no formal action was taken. Steve encouraged residents to be vigilant and to use their best judgment if/when confronting a trespasser.

f.) Firewise Communities: Jim Funk of the Virginia Department of Forestry presented an overview of the Firewise Communities program, in which residents of a community take steps to minimize the likelihood of a dangerous wildfire occurring by managing vegetation growth and location, ensuring that roadways for fire emergency vehicles are accessible, maintaining coordination with local emergency agencies, etc.  Jim handed out some descriptive literature as well and also reiterated the Department of Forestry’s willingness to work with communities such as Hardwick Mountain to achieve woodland fire safety/fire awareness goals. (Note: the Board had previously met with Mr. Funk, but felt it was in the best interest of the Association to give him as wide an audience as possible). It is anticipated that the Board will discuss this matter again and take action to begin the process of having Hardwick Mountain become a Certified Firewise Community.

3.) Board Membership Election Results: Susan Jamme counted the ballots and reported that membership on the Board remains unchanged, namely: Kai Dozier, Barbara Dulaney, Steve Harper, Steve Hovanic, Carl Prober.

As there was no further business, the meeting was adjourned. A time of dessert refreshments followed.    

Respectfully submitted,

Steve Hovanic, Secretary

Click here for a downloadable Word document: HMPOA Annual Meeting: June 12, 2014

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