Hardwick Mountain Owners Association

Barboursville, Virginia

Hardwick Mountain Property Owners Association
Annual Meeting

June 12, 2011

Meeting opened by Kai Dozier.

The treasurer’s report was presented and read by Barbara Dulaney. Current balance $15,176.42, expected amount to receive if all pay their dues by 6.30.11 is $6,324.35. Total expected once all dues collected on that date is $21,500.77. Snow removal this year was $300.00. A large thank-you extended by the members to Barbara Dulaney for her hard work and efforts in helping the association keep up with the dues.

Kai Dozier gave the road report, going over what has been paved and what needs to be paved. The association should have enough by July 2012 to complete the asphalting of all our roads (provided we don’t have a severe winter that requires major snow removal). All details regarding the roads and paving can be found on the Hardwick Mountain web site (hardwickmountain.org > Roads).

Charles Dulaney asked about the deal with Steve and Denise Yetzer regarding their payment for paving Double Top Lane in exchange for credit toward association dues. The question was what happens to that deal once they sell their property. Kai Dozier explained the agreement stated the deal was good “until the Yetzers sell their house”; it was agreed the board will review the contract and discuss prior to the Yetzers selling their house.

Larry Clark brought up a question regarding the mail boxes. Kai Dozier explained about how each new owner will have to pay $100.00 for a new key for each box. The post office will be contacted about changing the lock on the box for new members. This fee is to help recover the cost of these boxes. Other options owners have are to install a private box or use a Post Office Box.

A discussion regarding broadband was held. Mark Silling presented what he had found out and the equipment he uses. He stated that At&T has the best data plan, but reception strength depends on cell signal. Others suggested that we keep calling Verizon and asking for cable.

Steve Hovanic relayed a question regarding allowing non residents to use our road systems for walking. The question of liability was voiced by Barbara Dulaney and concerns regarding security were discussed by Larry Clark . The board agreed to present this question to the association as a whole and get ideas from others before making any decisions.

The result of the board election was presented by Steve Hovanic, The new board members are Kai Dozier, Steve Hovanic, Steve Harper, Barbara Dulaney and Mark Silling (our newest member).

Meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted by Steve Harper

Click here for a downloadable Word document: HMPOA Annual Meeting: June 12, 2011

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