Hardwick Mountain Owners Association

Barboursville, Virginia

Hardwick Mountain Property Owners Association
Annual Meeting

June 10, 2012

Annual Membership Meeting and picnic held in Barboursville at the pavilion across from Barboursville Post Office.

Called to order by Kai Dozier. Present were Kai Dozier, Jan Spiers, Charlie and Barbara Dulaney, Crystal  and Collin Thomas (Charlie and Barbara’s daughter and son in-law), Marc and Bonnie Cole, Carl and Traci Prober, Martha and Marc Silling, Henry Winger, Anita Whitney, Dom Montagna, Susan Jammé .

Treasurer report was presented by Marc (and Martha) Silling; The Association account has a balance as of 5/30/12 of $25,547.18. The expenses for the year 6/1/11 to 6/1/12 were $817.43. Anticipated Revenues from HMPOA dues if all pay by 7/1/2012 would be an additional amount of $7,027.31. Projected funds available (if all pay dues) by 7/1/2012 in total $32,574.49. A money market account was opened last year to attempt to gain a bit of interest with our money when not in use. Now that we are making plans to resurface our road and will be in need of the majority of our funds, the money market account was closed as of June 2012 and the funds were transferred back into the general account. The account balance stated above reflects that transfer.

IMPORTANT-There are plans to resurface parts of our road the 2nd or 3rd week of June. We will keep you updated as we know more about the date.

Kai Dozier presented a report for information about plans for road resurfacing. (Below isimportant information about road resurfacing--PLEASE READ).

HMPOA Road Resurfacing
History (partial)

Coming in June

Plan for future

* * * * * * * * * *

The cost of resurfacing has increased from $2.54/square yard in 2001 to $15/square yard in 2012 (490%). Over the same time period, our assessments have increased from $220 to $351.38 (59.7%)

Cautions re resurfacing
New asphalt can be driven over gently – but can be damaged with heavy vehicles or fast stops, starts.
Please help us protect our investment by:

 Road in winter:
If anyone were to be so kind as to want to help with snow removal in the winter PLEASE (important) coordinate (communicate your intentions before attempting to help) with Barbara Dulaney, 540-832-7758. She has been assigned the responsibility of making the decision to call the company that works with us for snow removal.

As you might have noticed-there are 11 black boxes on our road sides. They contain sand to be used if needed for the road if there are small areas of the road that need help with traction.

Marc Cole asked if we would be having a “work day” as we did in 2009 to put crush run down on the edges of the road. In 2009 we had 36 tons of crusher run delivered and many people helped to spread the gravel evenly where needed along the edges of the road. We will be in touch to ask for help.

When the asphalt company comes out to resurface the road they will work to have the road widened as much as possible. The initial 259’ of Hardwick Mountain Drive beginning at the entrance will be paved to 17’ wide. The portion starting at the top will be 14’ wide at the top, and will drop to approximately 12’ wide after 300’, and stay that width to the stopping point near the Harrell’s driveway. The crusher run is to keep the edges of the road from braking down prematurely.

Marc Cole asked how Chestnut and Turkey Ridge roads are doing. Kai has walked both of the roads and reports that Chestnut is doing well but it has been a few years from its asphalting so we will have to plan for its resurfacing in our long range goals. Kai reported that Turkey Ridge has 8 small cracks on different parts of the road. It has been determined that the roots from the trees near the road are causing the cracks and at some point we may need to decide on a plan for the roots.

We had election of new officers for this year. There are five members of the HMPOA board. Each year we have election for board members. This election the current board was re-elected with all but one vote going to current board members. Members are as follows, Kai Dozier, Steve Harper, Steve Hovanic, Marc Silling, and Barbara Dulaney.

Food for thought… Jan suggested we consider a weekday evening annual meeting next June with dessert following the meeting. Let any board member know what your thoughts are on this subject.

Meeting was adjurned (picnic to follow).

Submitted by
Barbara Dulaney

Click here for a downloadable Word document: HMPOA Annual Meeting: June 10, 2012

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