Hardwick Mountain Owners Association

Barboursville, Virginia

Hardwick Mountain Property Owners Association

Board of Directors Meeting

Minutes: August 20, 2007

7 - 8:30 p.m., Ruritan Building

  1. Election of Officers: Kai Dozier president, Steve Harper, Secretary, Larry Clark is Treasurer. In attendance were Kai Dozier, Steve Harper, Steve Hovanic, Denise Yetzer, and Larry Clark.

  2. Potential clearing of Park. The board has gotten several letters opposing the idea of development of the park. Since little support was given the board elected not to proceed with development at this time. Kai will notify Carroll Shipp of the decision and thank him for his offer.

  3. Delinquent assessments were brought up and that about 5 people have not paid up. One contacted the treasurer and stated that they were only paying a set amount and one stated that they would pay when they could. The Board agreed Kai will draft letter to these two. Larry will contact the others in person. We were going to try and work with these owners first before collections began.

  4. Turning the roads over to VDOT was brought up. Due to the needed support the board felt that would not happen. We would need at least 2/3 approval. We took a small poll at the meeting and came up with 20 opposed of the project and 2 for the project and 4 on the fence. We are going to wait for VDOT to come up and give an opinion before final decision.

  5. The Yetzers stated that they would pay to have Double Top Lane paved. In return the association would waive their annual fees until the paving cost was equaled. With Steve Harper and Denise Yetzer abstaining due to their interest in the matter there were three votes to proceed in getting approval from the association to proceed.

  6. Kai reported that Jeff Gray of C&G recommended Chestnut and Turkey Ridge Road be seal-coated. There were many questions regarding the need and how to keep cars off the roads for the required 24 hours. Steve Hovanic said he would call the Grays and ask some questions and report back. The Dulaneys will ask the same questions of Dave Stanley, who recently paved their driveway. Until we get that information the board deferred any action on this subject.

  7. Kai would like to get a work crew together in October to place gravel alone the edge of the roads to build them up. The board will put this together.

  8. Since Bryan Lovetere resigned form the board in June we need someone to call for snow removal. Larry Clark agreed he would make those calls. Denise volunteered that Steve Yetzer would help Larry with this, as he is an early riser.

  9. The Dulaneys had previously submitted plans for a garage to be built next to their house, which had been distributed to all board members. Since the plans meet the guidelines approval was given to begin construction.

  10. Meeting was adjourned.

Submitted by Steve Harper

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