Hardwick Mountain Owners Association

Barboursville, Virginia

President's Report

HMPOA Board of Directors


Board overwhelmingly re-elected 6.24.07, which we interpreted as sign of support for the board’s decisions and direction (including raising assessments and maintaining roads).

Board meetings during past year --

VDOT and roads. 9.05.07 Don Gore and engineer from VDOT visited regarding roads. Stated that very little chance of Orange County taking over our roads, $700k cost, covered in newsletter 10.16.07. So no safety net, and very high cost if we get behind.

Paving of Doubletop Lane 10.21.07 (Yetzer offer, petition and Yetzer paid, effectively giving the Association an interest-free $7,500 loan).

Henry Lee Carter 5.16.08 advice re delinquent assessments, use of lot as access to Slayton property.

Work party. 5.17.08, 11 people helped spread 36 tons of crusher run on Chestnut Lane and Turkey Ridge.

Roads and Assessments (review doc, 3 year plan, status).

Board members have donated 150+ hours and $500+ in support of the Association over the past year.

Special thanks to Larry Clark who is managing the treasury and calls to the snow plow. (Please help him out by sending your assessment on time.)

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