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This notice was emailed to all those for whom we have an email address on 4.21.09. Some notices are only sent via email due to cost, speed and ease. If you’d like to get all HMPOA newsletters, notices and updates, please send your email address to kai@hardwickmountain.org

The board of directors of HMPOA will hold an open board meeting next Tuesday the 28th of April at the Ruritan building (next to the Four County Playhouse), from 7pm to 8:30pm. Any lot owner is welcome to attend and observe.

Items to be covered include roads and re-surfacing, a work party to put crusher run on the road edge, planning the annual meeting in June, and delinquent assessments. Anyone having other items is invited to submit them in advance, so we can build them into the agenda.

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We’ve been planning for three years to re-surface as much of Hardwick Mountain Drive as we could afford to do this summer. As we get ready for that, we’ve marked portions of the road at 100’ intervals and edges needing build-up so we can discuss with the pavers where our priorities are. That’s what the orange paint is for, in case you’re wondering.

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In other news, the Dulaney’s have started a pilot program for magazine sharing / recycling. Larry Clark has contributed a large white mailbox that is now on the rail to the left of the main mailboxes at the entrance. Anyone is welcome to participate. Leave a recent magazine you think others might like to read in the white box, and/or take one from the variety now in the box. Once you’re read a borrowed magazine, please return it so others can try it. And if you like the idea, let Barbara Dulaney know (832.7758).

Questions or suggestions for the board? Contact any board member:
Denise Yetzer  832.0851
Kai Dozier  832.3456
Larry Clark  832.0634
Steve Harper  832.3934
Steve Hovanic  832.3449

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