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This notice was emailed to all those for whom we have an email address on 3.19.10. Some notices are only sent via email due to cost, speed and ease. If you’d like to get all HMPOA newsletters, notices and updates, please send your email address to kai@hardwickmountain.org

Snow Removal
As most of us know, this winter broke previous records for snow in our area. Steve Hovanic, our resident weather sage, says “The snow here at our place was 5.5" + 27" +12" + 2.25" + 19" +3" + 1.6" = 70.35" (plus several dustings)”. People who live on flat land don’t understand the additional challenges of snow on an incline, but we live it.

This year our roads were cleared far more quickly than the last time we had a similar snow (’96). Generally our roads were clear enough within 24 hours of the snowfall for anyone who could get out of their driveway to get in or out. We were even better than the county and some of the state-maintained roads. Our fast road clearing was due to three factors: 1. The quick response from our snowplow, as called by Denise Yetzer; 2. The asphalt that melted more quickly and was easier to plow than tar and gravel; 3. The many owners who pushed, plowed or shoveled the roads. Top of this list was Mark Knight, with additional help from Dick Smith, Bryan Lovetere, Carrol Shipp, Larry Keller, Whit Harrell, Steve Harper, Larry Clark, Charlie Dulaney and Kai Dozier. (If we left anyone out, sorry! Let us know and we’ll add your name.)

The tough news is the snowplow cost us $2,275 for the winter. Just want you to know where some of your assessment $$ are going, and what being able to get in and out during so much snow with so little interruption costs us.

The board decided to hold the assessment rates constant for 2010, due to the state of the economy and the accompanying job uncertainty some of us face.

Road Re-Surfacing Plans
The board’s plan for the roads remains the same as it has been for the past five years, and we are exactly on target. As you know, we completed phase 2 of asphalting our roads in Sept. ’09. As soon as there is enough money in the treasury, we will have the two remaining sections asphalted. While the timing depends on several factors, including what happens to the rates to re-surface and how well our roads hold up in the meantime, our goal is to have the remaining asphalt applied in summer of 2012. The Roads document, available on the website, will be updated in early April.

Road work crew
We need to apply crusher run to the edges of the asphalted section of Hardwick Mountain Drive to protect the asphalt, as we did with Turkey Ridge and Chestnut Run. We plan to have a work party on Saturday, 3 April (weather permitting). Anyone who can help shovel or rake gravel is encouraged to attend. We’ll have two or three tractors to haul the rock up the hill and dump it, and those with shovels and rakes can spread it. Please help!

Magazine exchange
Barbara Dulaney, who originated the magazine exchange and manages it, has the following message….

Hi Neighbors, I recently started trying to keep track of all the different magazines we are able to read because of our magazine exchange program. I likely left out some but here is a list for you. I think it is great. Our family enjoys all that are shared and the bonus for all of us is that it is free for all but our own subscriptions.

Magazine circulation is from the big white box at the entrance.
1. Discover
2. Reader’s Digest
3. Blue Ridge Country
4. Boat World
5. Popular Mechanics
6. Motor Home For RV enthusiast
7. Smithsonian
8. Family Fun
9. Family Motor Coaching
10. Consumer Report Money Advisor
11. Guide Post
12. Mother Earth News
13. Living the country Life
14. Virginia Wildlife
15. Family Circle
16. Police Law Enforcement
17. Better Homes and Garden
18. Organic Gardening
19. News Week
20. Time
21. The American Legion
22. This old house
23. Seed Science is Culture
24. Carolina Country
25. Cooking Light
26. Good House Keeping
27. Albemarle
28. Blue Ridge Outdoors
29. Southern Living Forbes
30. Nature Conservancy
31. Betty Crocker Recipes
32. Ducks Unlimited
33. Popular Photography

As of 06 Feb 2010
Keep dropping off any that you want to share; we all enjoy them. Thanks again.

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