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Barboursville, Virginia

Hardwick Mountain Property Owners Association
Annual Meeting

June 27, 2010

The annual meeting of the Association was called to order at 2:10 PM. Those in attendance included Larry and Janet Clark, Marc and Bonnie Cole, Kai Dozier and Jan Spiers, Steve Harper, Steve Hovanic, Susan Jamme, Dominic Montagna.

The Treasurer’s Report had been prepared by Barbara Dulaney. See copy below. Kai noted that expenses for clearing snow were the highest ever, exceeding the budget by 3x – due to the record 70”+ of snow and increased snow removal rates. Snow removal expenses were less than they would have been had not numerous owners helped with tractors, 4-wheelers and snow shovels.

A Road Report was given by Kai on behalf of the board. As background, Phase I, done in July ’06, consisted of asphalt applied to Chestnut Lane and Turkey Ridge; tar and gravel applied to the first 560’ of Hardwick Mountain Drive and to Montagna Lane, and patching done to Doubletop Lane. Phase II, done in September ’09, consisted of asphalt applied to Hardwick Mountain Drive – 1,489 linear feet, or 2,581 square yards. Phase III is planned for fall of 2012, and will consist of asphalt being applied to the remaining portions of Hardwick Mountain Drive not yet asphalted, totaling 2,720 square yards. At that point all of the main roads will have been asphalted.

Marc Cole asked if the planned fall 2012 work would include asphalt on the first 250’, which is now tar and gravel – and deteriorating. Kai responded that is to be included in the 2012 work.

Work parties by owners spread crusher to help protect the newly asphalted edges. 32 tons were spread following Phase I, and 40 tons were spread following phase II. One estimate was that this work saved the treasury $8,000 to $10,000.

If asphalt prices rise only slightly during the next two years, and if we don’t exceed our ($ 800) budget for snow removal during the next two winters, we should have enough in the treasury, even without an increase in assessments, to pay for the Phase III asphalt application in 2012. The board will be monitoring the situation and reviewing this with owners between now and then.

Kai pointed out that the Roads and Assessments document that was created in 2005 and the basis for the resurfacing plan, was updated in 2007 and will be further updated within 30 days to reflect the latest numbers. That document can be found under the header Roads.

A special thank-you was extended by the Board to all those who helped clear snow this winter, and who helped spread crusher run on the edges of Hardwick Mountain Drive this spring. Those people include:

David Butterfield
Larry Clark
Marc Cole
Jeremy Cole
Kai Dozier
Charlie Dulaney
Steve Harper 
Whit Harrell
Steve Hovanic
Vicki Jessee
Larry Keller
Mark Knight
Bryan Lovetere
Allen Miller
Carroll Shipp
Dick Smith

Janet Clark asked if there was any news about broadband opportunities on the mountain. Steve Harper explained his results with Sprint’s Overdrive system, and other options (e.g., Wild Blue satellite) were mentioned. None is perfect, and each varies depending on location. Verizon broadband is not currently available, and Verizon reps have not been encouraging as to when it might be.

Steve Harper reported that Brittany had seen a coyote on the mountain. There was some discussion as to the implications for deer, as well as cats. No bear sightings have been made recently.

Susan Jamme reported that the ballots had been counted, and the current board members (Kai Dozier, Barbara Dulaney, Steve Harper, Steve Hovanic, Denise Yetzer) have been re-elected.

There being no other business, the meeting was closed and the picnic began.
Respectfully submitted,
Jan Spiers

Treasurer’s report June 2010

Balance in checking 6/22/09 $26,501.17
Deposits: $10,572.10 (from 622/2009 to 5/24/2010)
C & G Paving 30,000.00
Orange County Treasurer 4.80
Lawson –Snow Removal 2,275.00
USPS 17.60
USPS-Box Rent 40.00
State Treasurer 25.00
Road gravel 849.65
Mason Insurance 250.00
Total Expenses $33,462.05
Balance in checking 5/24/10 $3,603.22 (last statement)

If everyone pays their dues due in June 2010 there should be additional $6,148.86, for a total of $9,752,08

Click here for a downloadable Word document: HMPOA Annual Meeting: June 27, 2010

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