Hardwick Mountain Owners Association

Barboursville, Virginia

Hardwick Mountain Property Owners Association

Board of Directors Meeting

Minutes: Aug. 26, 2011

Board meeting held at the home Of Barbara Dulaney, called to order by Kai Dozier. Present is Kai Dozier, Steve Hovanic, Barbara Dulaney, Steve Harper, and newly elected board member Marc Silling.

Treasurer report was presented by Barbara Dulaney; The Association accounts were transferred to Wells Fargo Aug 5th 2011 due to the banks merger. Total balance on hand is $19,640.21. Total amount of unpaid dues is $1007.21; it was discussed as to what action will be taken regarding dues that have not been paid yet. Also discussed was the interest rate that we were getting on the accounts, no actions are going to take place regarding moving from the money market account. A detailed report was presented and is available on the Hardwick Mountain web site.

Barbara Dulaney announced that she will not be able to fill the position of treasurer this coming year. The Board expressed their sadness of this news and expressed how she will be missed, and thanked Barbara for her hard dedicated work over the last two years.

Kai Dozier presented the request from Carl Prober; Mr. Prober is interested in buying the home of Denise and Steve Yetzer. Mr. Prober was requesting a conditional approval to be able to build a wood fire Kiln and be able to expand his hobby of pottery, for the purpose of resale at off premise outlets, and trade shows. A detail account of Mr. Prober’s plans was presented to the board. It was agreed that this type of operation would fit within the theme of the subdivision. But that a final set of plans and proposal would have to be presented to the board meeting the new construction guidelines prior to any formal approval, and construction. Kai stated he would draft such letter and mail to the Prober’s. It was noted that Carl Prober was going to place an offer on the Yetzer’s home based on the conditional approval.

A letter from Whit Harrell was read regarding the need to trim tree branches from around the Hardwick Mountain Dr, and Turkey Ridge Rd. It seems the limbs are hitting larger vehicles. Steve Harper mentioned that he trims limbs for his own RV, and that it does need to be done. The Board agreed to get together one afternoon and trim limbs. That date was left open, depending on weather and who was available at the time.

Steve Hovanic brought up the need to place large stones in the ditched in front of his house. Kai suggested that he may be able to transfer some stones from his property with his tractor.

Barbara Dulaney brought up the issue of storing the mail box keys. She had in her possession a bag with a copy of all the mail box keys at the foot of the mountain, and that she would like to hand them over to someone else. Kai mention the plan was to keep copies of the keys in case someone lost theirs. But now the thoughts are to hand each homeowner their copy of the key to each of their mail boxes. If lost or moved they must contact the Post Office for a new lock and key also noted the post office will charge a fee for this. Marc Silling brought up the fact that maybe we should not be holding the keys to these boxes any way. Steve Harper agreed with that since the boxes are the property of the US Postal Service once placed in service. It was agreed to pass these keys out to each lot owner that has a box. Barbara said he would take possession of these keys and work on handing them out.

Officers were selected, for the year 2011 and 2012. Kai Dozier will continue as President, Steve Hovanic as Vic President, Steve Harper as Secretary and Marc Silling agreed to assume the position of Treasurer. Barbara Dulaney will continue as a board member.

Barbara Dulaney will meet with Marc Silling and transfer all books and records to him and get him updated on the process that is in place.

Meeting Closed.

Respectfully Submitted By
Steve Harper

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