Hardwick Mountain Owners Association

Barboursville, Virginia

Hardwick Mountain Property Owners Association

Board of Directors Meeting

Minutes: July 30, 2009

6:30 p.m., Ruritan Building

Meeting opened by Kai Dozier at 6:30 PM held at the picnic shelter at Four County Players in Barboursville, Va.

In attendance were Kai Dozier, Steve Hovanic, Steve Harper, Barbara Dulaney. Denise Yetzer was unable to attend. Also attending were Charles Dulaney and Anita Whitney.

Treasury report given by Barbara Dulaney: Current balance is $30,381.43

We are earning .05% currently on our funds. The HMOA also has some back dues that have not been paid which amount to $846.51. The board is working with those members who owe back dues. If a solution cannot be worked out then we will have to start applying an interest rate as stated in the bylaws.

Steve Hovanic addressed the issue of speeding. This is a problem that has been brought up before but continues. The only solution at this time is to continue with reminders to members and ask that everyone slow down for safety. Speed bumps have been installed in the past but were stolen.

Kai gave an update on the roads. C&G Paving will be doing the roads this fall when the weather cools down. The pavement cools and cures faster in cooler weather with the pavement less likely being damaged by road traffic.

Letter from the Hogans was presented and discussed. There were some valid points raised and the board agreed that a letter would be drafted to address those points. One being the dues increases, it was noted that an increase was not taken this year. Regarding spending all the funds on the roads, this is something that has been discussed in depth in past meetings and the board as a whole believes that it is important to maintain the roads and that is what the funds are used for. This reason will also be addressed within the letter drafted to the Hogans.

Kai addressed the letter from Rod Slayton, the board decided that no response was needed since it was addressed to lot owners and not to the board.

Concerns regarding the debris that is being piled up within the deeded right of way of Hardwick Mountain by the Berrys is becoming a concern. Photos of the debris were presented which shows logs and rocks being piled up and a no trespassing sign being posted in the right of way. Kai will speak to the association's attorney Henry Carter and get advice on options and recommendations. It was agreed that if anything is done it should be under a court order to avoid any problems.

It was discussed that an accounting of hours spent on association business should be logged. This meeting alone totaled 37 hours with prep work for the meeting, treasury reports and other work from all members of the board.

The officers for next term were decided:

A phone call was going to be made to Denise Yetzer regarding taking the secretary position; if she is not available, then Steve Harper will be continue in that position.

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Steve Harper

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