Hardwick Mountain Owners Association

Barboursville, Virginia

Hardwick Mountain Property Owners Association

Board of Directors Meeting

Minutes: July 23, 2013

Meeting held at the home of Barbara Dulaney at 6:00 p.m., attending Kai Dozier, Steve Hovanic, and Steve Harper. Guests attending were Charles Dulaney, Carl Prober, and Chrystal Dulaney.

Purpose of meeting was to hear Lou Murray of the Virginia Department of Forestry speak regarding the Firewise program that is offered. He also brought Jim Funk, Forest Synergy LLC, to support any information that was presented. Four topics were discussed: mitigation projects, escape routes, debris removal- fire breaks, dry hydrants. It was noted that under the Firewise programs, funding is available with an 80/20 payment plan. Projects such as widening the turnaround, clearing brush from around houses and chipping it, providing a 30 break between the houses and wooded areas. Dry Hydrants were discussed but not that many ponds or streams are in the area. Swimming pools were discussed as a source of water also, but that is not a whole lot of water. Jim Funk can be contacted 502.545.1481 and Lou Murray at 540.269.2342.

Lou ran a personal assessment scoring with everyone. Most were in a low risk category. A vote was taken if the HMPOA would be interested in this program and a vote was approved.

Meeting was adjourned

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Steve Harper

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