Hardwick Mountain Owners Association

Barboursville, Virginia

Hardwick Mountain Property Owners Association

Board of Directors Meeting

Minutes: Feb. 8, 2011

6:30 p.m.

Members present:  Kai Dozier, Steve Hovanic, Steve Harper, Denise Yetzer, Barbara and Charles Dulaney

The meeting was called to order by Kai Dozier.  Kai stated that the minutes from the annual meeting were now posted on the website.  He also added that Steve and Denise Yetzer would be moving and selling their house by June of this year.  Denise is a current board member and secretary for the association.  Denise agreed to stay on the board until the annual board meeting in June, at which time a new secretary will be elected.

Treasurer’s Report – Barbara Dulaney informed us that the association currently has $14,039.90.  The board discussed the status of owners who are not paid up through end of 2010. Thirty day notices were sent out and Barbara will be sending out 60 day notices.  If no payment is received, the board will send out a third notice at 90 days past due.

Road Resurfacing – The Association’s savings to date are on target with our target to complete the road resurfacing in summer of 2012.

Annual Assessments – It was agreed by all board members that the annual assessment should remain the same for the current year.  There was a discussion regarding changing the due date for payment and it was agreed that a broader discussion would be held at the annual meeting.

Roads During Icy Conditions – It was discussed that icy conditions during the winter proved to be problematic this winter.  There were times when there was not enough accumulation to warrant snow removal, however, certain areas of the development were icy at times and we discussed finding some sort of solution to making the roads safer and passable when this happens in the future.  It was agreed that bags of sand would be placed at the intersection of Hardwick Mountain Drive and Turkey Ridge and several places on the side of Hardwick Mountain Drive between the entrance and the top of the mountain (no specifics identified).

P.O. Boxes – Recent home sales in the community prompted a discussion regarding the locks on the P.O. boxes.  At the time that the boxes were installed, homeowners paid $100 for the installation and use of a box assigned to their property.  Questions regarding security of the boxes have arisen as some properties are sold and owners hand keys over to new owners.  Kai will research the postal regulations associated with changing the locks on the boxes to insure security for new homeowners in the community.

Classifieds on Website – A discussion was had regarding the posting of classified advertisements on the website.

Address Change – The official address for the HMPOA has been changed from P.O. Box 94 Barboursville, VA  22923 to 15551 Hardwick Mountain Drive  Gordonsville, VA  22942.  Denise Yetzer agreed to mail change of address notices to vendors.

Respectfully submitted,
Denise V. Yetzer
Secretary, HMPOA

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