Hardwick Mountain Owners Association

Barboursville, Virginia

Hardwick Mountain Property Owners Association

Board of Directors Meeting

Minutes: Feb. 4, 2013

Meeting held at Barbara Dulaney’s home at 6:30. Barbara Dulaney, Steve Hovanic, Kai Dozier, Steve Harper, and Mark Silling attending.

Treasurer Report: $6,677.81 balance as of 02/03/2013. Four outstanding assessments are due. Letters will be sent. At the end of May we should have another $6,149.00.

Mark announced he may have to step down since he has moved to Charlottesville, but has agreed to stay on if needed, but we will be looking for a replacement. And will look for a vendor to handle the books also.

Addressed the letter from Sandy Hanley mailed to Steve Hovanic regarding the snow removal process. And also addressed the concerns of Gale Lovetree regarding the snow removal. Kai will be sending out a letter to the members explaining some of the actions we take. The use of salt was talked about, but not a good idea with the possible washing into the ground water.

Barbara talked with Carroll Shipp about spreading sand. The details are to be worked out. We are going to start with a pallet of sand for $100.00 and have it spread as a test run.

Steve Hovanic suggested we look into placing a white line on edge of road to help in the dark with the fog. Barbara will check into some cost factors for this to be done.

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Steve Harper

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