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Hardwick Mountain Property Owners Association

Board of Directors Meeting (via email)

Minutes: Dec. 22, 2013

All Board members(Kai Dozier, Barbara Dulaney, Steve Harper, Steve Hovanic, Carl Prober) acted via e-mail on the business item conducted, as follows:

1.) O’Neill Property/Contact with Brian O’Neill: Because of the difficulty Kai has continually experienced in attempting to contact Mr. O’Neill to schedule a meeting with the Board (to discuss his intentions for removing the debris pile on his property), Kai sent an e-mail to all Board members, the text of which is as follows:

I give up. I have called Mr. O'Neill at least 5 times in the past two weeks. He returned one call and said he could not make the next weekend, and asked me not to send letters to his office. (I explained that the most recent letter to his office was one that had been returned from the most recent home address we have for him, marked "undeliverable.")

Last weekend he answered his cell, but told me he was busy and asked that i call him this past week. I tried 3 more times, leaving two voice mails. None were answered or responded to.

This pattern is exactly the same as his response to my calls about the damage to lot 7; letters returned marked "undeliverable," calls to his cell usually unanswered, and when they are the response is one of delay until some future point (which never occurs). 

Until Mr. O'Neill takes some responsibility for communicating, we won't be meeting with him. I call for the vote. Barbara has moved that "the board go on record with our position that Mr. Brian O'Neill, owner of lot 6, is in violation of the HMPOA Restrictive Covenants due to the large pile of pushed over trees and brush he has caused to be created on lot 6”. Carl and Steve Hovanic seconded, and we have had further discussion. All in favor please respond with an "aye", anyone opposed please respond with a "nay". 

If you copy "all", our secretary Steve Hovanic will have the documentation for the record. Once we have all the votes, we can send a registered letter to Mr. O'Neill notifying him of our position.

If you have any questions or other comments, feel free to add them

The motion as noted in Kai’s e-mail carried unanimously, all Board members voted  “aye”.

There was no other business conducted .

Respectfully submitted,

Steve Hovanic, Secretary

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